Lauren Warner graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in Psychology and Studio Art. After taking several interior design classes through UCLA’s extension program, Lauren landed a job at a notable interiors firm within the hospitality field. She spent the next several years immersed in hotel design, and had the opportunity to work on 4- and 5- star hotels both locally and internationally. Her excitement for architectural detailing and the building process during these years would lead her to pursue a degree in Architecture.

While in graduate school, Lauren was accepted to spend a semester studying at Aalto University in Otaniemi, Finland. Her studies there deepened her appreciation for thoughtful material detailing and the craft of the hand-made. The tactile qualities of Scandinavian design continues to shape her architectural point-of-view today.

After completing her degree, Lauren returned to Los Angeles, where she has spent the last 7 years working on projects that span commercial, retail, and residential work, both at smaller and larger architecture firms. Lauren’s diverse experiences have equipped her to work on a variety of scales, but her true passion is residential design. 

It is within this intimate architectural scale that Lauren has found her niche. She enjoys the process of designing for each client’s specific needs, tailoring a unique design solution that can have an immediate impact on day-to-day life. She finds reward in the littlest design details, which may sometimes go unnoticed, but can make a space feel “just right.” She continues to be highly interested in the building process itself, and likes to be heavily involved throughout construction.

Lauren is a licensed architect in the state of California. She is experienced in the construction and permitting process in the Los Angeles area.